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Learn About The Stock Market With eMS Stock Market Institute. Explore Money Making Potential Of The Stock Market With eMS Stock Market Institute Know-How To StrategiseFor Maximum Profits With eMS Stock Market Institute Why IseMS Stock Market Institute Is The Best In Pimpri Chinchwad?

Make the right investment and stock market trading decisions with education from the eMS Stock market training institute in PCMC.

A Complete Advanced Course

The eMS Stock market training institute in PCMC offers the best stock market trading courses that train you as an expert trader and stock market insider. We provide you with holistic stock market trading training courses at affordable prices and flexible schedules. We help you progress from stock market novice to stock market master easily.

Unlimited Membership For A Lifetime

When you enrol for Stock market courses In PCMC eMS Stock Market Institute, you get support and community access for a lifetime. You become part of the progressive stock market trading circle with enrollment. We offer you the practical experience of the stock market trading circle and community for a lifetime.

NISM And NCFM Certified Trainers

The eMSStock Market Institute in PCMC provides you with the best-trained faculty for education in financial dealings and stock market trade. The certified and trained faculty helps you learn vital skills needed in the stock market.

Fruitful Career Advice And Assistance

The Stock market courses in PCMC from the eMSStock Market Institute also offer career guidance and direction as an extension. We help you shape your future career as a stock market trader and insider.

Profitable Strategy And Planning

The eMSStock Market Institute in PCMC has experts who provide you with the best advice for strategy and planning in the stock market arena. We offer you winning, profitable strategies that maximize your earnings in the sector.

Ai Enabled, Machine Learning Trading

The stock market is becoming smart with the help of technologies like Machine Learning and AI. We help you become smarter than the algorithm with our smart Stock market courses in PCMC.

Start Your Own Stock Market Business

Guidance and education from the eMSStock Market Institute in PCMC help in creating your own stock market business as a sub-broker, financial analyst, or full-time stock market trader.

A Fully Certified And State Of The Art Institute

We enjoy the trust of hundreds of students as an ISO-certified educational institution. The eMSStock Market Institute in PCMC is a leading and genuine financial education institute.

Best Stock Market Courses In PCMC

We offer the best basic and advanced courses for stock market trading concepts and strategies. We help you become a master stock market trader in a matter of days.


  • An introduction to Stock market trading
  • Segmentation of Capital Market
  • Stock market Analysis practices
  • Mutual funds analytical practices
  • In-depth analysis and research
  • Stock Market Portfolio and Asset Management
  • Stock Market Trading Workshops
  • Basics of Algorithmic trading

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eMS stock market institute offers the best post classes services for prolonged professional support

  • Practical experience and lifetime membership
  • Free Demat account opening support
  • Career and startup advice for free
  • Membership in community and discussion forums
  • Demo of smart trading algorithms for free
  • Advice on stock selection and investments
  • Study material for practice and clarity
  • Access to edutainment media channels

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EMS STOCK MAKRKET INSTUTUTE Aims to provide very good quality education at Afforadable fees.
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    Basic To Advance Single Stock Market

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    5 days Fundamental 5 Days Technical 5 Days Practical
    it’s a fifteen working days course

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    Unlimited Live Mmarket Practical Session After
    Stock Market Class Completing

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    stock market Daily Suggestion And Market Update

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    we are coverd - cash market , future market , option
    market , commodity market & currency market

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    Profitable Strategy With Back Testing Report

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    Personal Relationship Manager

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    After Every Session Ems Will Provide
    Notes, PPT, Home Work, Assignment

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    eMS Stock Market Instutute Provide Single Course All Solution

    eMS Sahare Market Courses offers eight modules from Basic to Advance at very reasonable fees in a single super course And Life Time Support and Unlimited Practical Will Delivered after completion of the course

    A) Basics of Share Market

    • Working of Share Market
    • Difference Between Speculation Market V/S Share Market
    • Difference Between Trading and Investment and Types of Investment
    • Types of Assets
    • Types of Insurance
    • FD V/s Bonds V/s Share
    • Saving V/S Inflation Rate
    • Why People Came into The Market
    • What Is Equity?
    • What Is Share & Equity Share Holder
    • What Is Exchange?
    • Types of Stock Exchange
    • History of NSE & BSE
    • Difference Between - Penny Stocks, Dead Stocks, Blue Chip Stocks

    B) IPO (Initial Public Offer)

    • Introduction of IPO
    • Eligibility & Criteria of IPO
    • Objective of IPO
    • How to Analyse Profitable IPO
    • Difference Between Fixed Price IPO V/S Book Building IPO
    • Importance of Over Subscription & Under Subscription
    • Categories of Investors in IPO-QIB, NII, RII
    • Primary Market V/S Secondary Market
    • How to Buy IPO Using -Internet Banking / Phone Baking /UPI
    • Bidding Process of IPO
    • Process of Listing IPO On NSE & BSE
    • Benefit of Investing in IPO
    • What is Grey market
    • How to Identify Profitable IPO Using Unique EMS Technique

    There are no modules in this training course.

    A) Types of Account:

    B) Types of Trading

    a) Intraday Trading

    • Rules, Regulations & Mechanism
    • Advantages & Disadvantages of Intraday Trading
    • Tax, Leverage, Brokerage, Time Horizon On Intraday
    • What Is Short Sale and its Benefit?

    b) Delivery Trading

    • Rules, Regulations & Mechanism
    • What Is T+2 Trading
    • Advantage of Delivery Trading
    • Tax Benefit, Leverage, Brokerage, Penalty& Auction
    • Difference Between Trading & Investment
    • Introduction On Different Types of Order

    C) Basic Concepts of Trading

    • Difference Between Ask Price & Bid Price
    • What Is Broker & Sub Broker
    • Eligibility & Benefit of Broker & Sub Broker
    • Advantages of NISM & NCFM Certification
    • What Is Contract Note and Its Importance?
    • Equity Share Capital V/S Market Capital
    • What Is Face Value
    • How to Find Large Cap Mid Cap Small Cap Company
    • Shareholder Rights
    • What Is Circuit Limit- Upper & Lower Circuit?
    • Depositary NSDL & CDSL
    • D-Mat Account Freezing and Unfreezing
    • What Is SEBI, Objective & Power of SEBI
    • What Is Insider Trading & Penalty?
    • What Is Preference Share?

    D) Corporate Action

    • What Is Dividend
    • What Is Bonus of Share
    • What Is Buyback of Share
    • What Is Rights Issue
    • What Is Stock Split
    • What Is FPO (Follow-On Public Offering)
    • Merger and Acquisition

    How Valuating the Company Using Corporate Action

    There are no modules in this training course.
    • Types of Share
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Advantages of Equity or Cash Market
    • Intraday & Delivery Trading in Cash Market
    • Role Of Penalty Cash Market & Auction
    • What Is Hedging
    • What Is Arbitrage

    Future Market

    • Rules and Regulation of Future Market
    • Index Future ( Nifty & Bank Nifty ) & Stock Future
    • Lot Sizes of Indices and Stock Futures
    • Expiry Date of Stock and Index Futures
    • Contracts & Contract Rollover
    • Benefits of Future Market
    • Margin and Leverage in Future
    • What Is BTST & STBT, & Their Importance

    Option Market

    Introduction of Option

    • Different Types of Option
    • American Option Vs European Option
    • Call Option & Put Option
    • What Strike Price & Premium
    • Moneyness of Option (ITM, ATM, OTM)
    • Volume & Implied Volatility
    • Reading an Option Chain
    • Option Greeks – Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega,
    • What is Hedging in Option Market
    • Change in Open Interest & Open Interest Theory
    • Market Participants
    • Clearing and Settlement Mechanism.
    • Benefits and Edge of Option Trading.
    • Option Trading with Small Capital.
    • Option Penalties of Buyer and Seller

    Option Universal Trading Strategy

    • Long Straddle
    • Short Straddle
    • Long Strangle
    • Short Strangle

    • Overall Basic of Commodity Market
    • Scope of Commodity Market
    • Commodity Exchanges in India
    • Different Segments of Commodity

    • Rules and Regulation of MCX
    • Different Expiry Dates in Commodity
    • Lot Size of Different Commodities
    • Bullion, Base Metals, Energy,
    • Tick Size, Lot Size, Expiry
    • Leverage and Margin in MCX
    • Contract Rollover in Commodity
    • Market Timings
    • Option Trading in MCX
    • Inventory of Commodity Market and Its effects
    • Factors Impacting On Commodity

    • Rules and Regulation of Currency Market
    • Scope of Currency Market
    • Base Currency
    • Term Currency
    • Currency Pairs
    • Lot Sizes of Different Currencies
    • External Factors Affect On Currency Market
    • Benefits of Currency Market
    • Trading Future and Option in Currency
    • Currency Hedging
    • Difference Between Currency and Forex
    • Market Timings of Currency Market

    • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
    • Importance of fundamental analysis
    • Peer Comparison With difference fundamental Tools
    • Benefit of fundamental analysis as a investor
    • Overview of fundamental analysis
    • How to select stocks using fundamental?
    • How to Identify blue chips stocks

    • Promoter Analysis
    • Management Analysis
    • Product Analysis
    • Industry analysis
    • Annual Report
    • Importance of Credit Rating Reports
    • SWOT Analysis
    • External Factor Affecting On Stock Market
      • Indian Government Budget
      • GDP V/S Stock Market
      • Tax (Indirect Tax Vs Direct Tax)
      • Bulk Deal V/S Block Deal
      • Inflation V/S Deflation
      • RBI Repo Rate Reverse Repo Rate

    Investment View Using eMS Ten Vector Points

    A) Balance Sheet

    • Standalone V/S Consolidated Balance Sheet
    • What Is Liabilities & Difference Between Non-Current Liabilities & Current Liabilities
    • What Is Assets & Difference Between Non-Current Assets & Current Assets
    • What Is Shareholder's Funds & Importance of Reserve & Surplus?

    B) Profit & Loss Account or Income Statement

    • Overview Income & Expenditure or Profit and Loss Account
    • Calculate & Importance of EBITDA & PAT

    C) Cash Flow & Free Cash Flow

    • What is cash flow and importance of cash flow?
    • What Is Investment, Financial, Operating Activity
    • Difference between cash flow and free cash flow

    D) Ratio Analysis

    • Liquidity Ratio
    • Solvency Ratio
    • Profitability Ratio
    • Turnover Ratio
    • Valuation Ratio
    • Growth Ratio

    There are no modules in this training course.
    • Introduction to Mutual Fund
    • Structure of Mutual Fund
    • Benefits of Mutual Fund Investment
    • Types of Mutual Fund
    • Open Ended & Close Ended
    • SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)
    • SWP (Systematic Withdraw Plan)
    • STP, Lump Sum, Growth, Debt, Balance, ELSS, NFO, ETF, Etc.
    • Term – NAV & Exit Load
    • Role of Asset Management Company (AMC)
    • Co-Relation Between Mutual Fund and Stocks Market
    • What Is Expenses Ratio
    • Analysis of Mutual Fund
    • Co-Relation Between Mutual Fund and Stocks Market
    • How to Select Stocks Using Mutual Funds?
    • Buying Mutual Fund Online and offline
    • Reading The Fund Offer Document
    • Selecting The Mutual Funds
    • Tax Benefits in Mutual Funds
    • Mutual Funds Redemption Process
    • How to Select Best Upcoming Mutual Funds Using Ems Technique
    There are no modules in this training course.

    A) Overview of Technical Analysis

    • Difference Between Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis
    • Benefits of Technical Analysis
    • Different Type of Charts
    • Line Chart
    • Bar Chart
    • Candle Chart
    • Introduction to Candlestick Chart
    • Different Types of Candle
    • Open, High, Low, Close Price of the Candle
    • Structure of The Candle
    • Construction of Candlestick
    • Gap Up and Gap Down
    • How Gap Up and Gap Down Forms

    B) Candlestick Patterns

    Single Candlestick Patterns

    • Bullish Candle
    • Bearish Candle
    • Marubozu and Its Types
    • Doji and Its Types
    • Hammer
    • Hanging Man
    • Shooting Star
    • Inverted Hammer
    • Hammer at Bottom

    Multiple Candlestick Patterns

    • Bullish Engulf
    • Bearish Engulf
    • Bullish Piercing
    • Bearish DCC
    • Bullish Harami
    • Bearish Harami
    • Morning Star
    • Evening Star

    C) Price Action Trading Using Various Tools

    • Support & Resistance Levels
    • Breakout and Breakdown
    • Trend & It’s Types
    • Up Trend
    • Down Trend
    • Sideways
    • Elective Wave and Corrective Wave
    • Construction of Trend Lines
    • Inner and Outer Trend Lines
    • Defining The Trend Reversal Points
    • Multiple Time Frame Trade Setups and Execution
    • How to Select Stock Using Trend Reversal Technique?

    D) Chart Patterns

    • Inverted Head and Shoulder & Head and Shoulder
    • Rounding Bottom & Rounding Top
    • Double Bottom & Double Top
    • Up Flag & Down Flag
    • Mathematical Calculation for Chart Patterns
    • How to Set Entry Point Target & Stop Loss Point Using Chart Pattern

    E) Advanced Technical Analysis

    E) Advanced Technical Analysis

    • Indicator & Type of Indicators
    • Simple Moving Average
    • Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)
    • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
    • Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP)
    • Volume Chart
    • Pivot Points
    • Super Trend

    Various Combination of Indicators

    How to Analyse Trends in The Live Market Using Price Action?

    How to Find Buying and Selling Opportunities Using Price Action?

    How to Trade with Common Chart Patterns Using Price Action Trading?

    How to Select Stocks for Intraday and Swing Trading?

    Ems Unique Trading Strategies (Intraday, Swing, Delivery)

    • Equity Market Delivery Trading Strategy (Copyright)
    • Nifty or Bank Nifty Future Trading Strategy
    • Currency Trading Strategy
    • Commodity Trading Strategy
    • Option Short Selling (Writing) Strategy
    • Nifty or Bank Nifty Option Trading Strategy
    • Money Management and Risk Management for Above Strategies
    • Back Testing of Strategies

    Identifying Entry Points, Stop-Loss and Target Using Technical Analysis

    There are no modules in this training course.

    Portfolio Management

    • What Is Portfolio & Portfolio Management
    • Why Portfolio Is Necessary
    • Duties of Portfolio Manager.
    • Work of Portfolio Manager
    • Detail Analysis of Various Investment Instrument
    • Financial Planning and Financial Management
    • Asset Allocation as Per the Age and Risk
    • Benefit of Insurance in Portfolio Management
    • Investment Diversification Between Tradition and Modern
    • Tax Benefit
    • Measuring Risk and Return of Your Investment
    • Compounding of Money
    • How To Achieve Financial Goals
    • Investment Strategies and Retirement Planning
    • Structure of Portfolio

    Trading Psychology and Risk Management

    • Stop Loss and Its Types
    • Analyse Risk to Reword Ratio
    • Importance of Booking Profit
    • Qualities of Successful Traders
    • Golden Rules of Traders
    • Do’s and Don’ts in Trading and Investment

    There are no modules in this training course.

    Different Trading Platforms

    • Windows Based (Computer Based) Trading Platforms
    • Web Based Trading Platform
    • Mobile Based Apps (Android and IOS)

    Types of Orders

    • Buy Order, Sell Order
    • Simple Order, Cover Order (CO)
    • Market Order, Limit Order, Target, Stop Loss, Stoploss Limit, Stoploss
    • Utilisation of All Orders by Analyzing Market Condition
    • Rules and Regulation of All Orders
    • How to Cancel, Modify, Square Off Order
    • Reverting and Converting the Position
    • Time in Force (TIF), IOC (Immediate or Cancel, Day)
    • After market order (AMO)
    • One Cancel Other Order (OCO)/Bracket Order (BO)

    Practical Terminologies

    • Check Profit and Loss (MTM)
    • Checking Current Position and Holdings
    • Service Request- Segment Addition, KYC, Nominee,
    • Trading Dashboard, Trade Reports, Ledger, Holdings, P&L Bank Addition, Etc.
    • Disclosed Quantity, Market Depth (Top Seller and Buyer)
    • Usage of Back office- ledger statement, DP details, etc.
    • Pay in and Pay Out
    • Sell Price, % Change, Open, High, Low, close
    • Symbol, - Expiry Date, Last Trade Price, Buy Price,
    • Watch List, Order Book, Trade Book, Position Book
    • Checking Available Margin /Limit)

    Graphical Analysis in Live Market Practical

    • Uses of Various Timeframes On Candlestick
    • Stock Selection Using Graphical Analysis
    • Live Market Back Testing On eMS Strategy
    • Practical Implementation On eMS Strategy
    • Graph Analysis On Intraday and Delivery
    • Using graphical analysis set Entry and Exit points

    Fundamental Implementation & Analysis in Live Market Practical

    • How To Do Fundamental Analysis Using Screener. In
    • Peer Comparison Using Fundamental Analysis Using Website
    • How to Analyse Quarterly Result and Yearly Result
    • How to Select Stocks Using Ems Ten Vector Points
    • Every Student Live Task Performance
    • Open Certification Exam
    • Group Discussion and Live Doubt Clearing Session
    There are no modules in this training course.

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