3 Best Stocks to Invest during Lockdown

3 Best Stocks to Invest during Lockdown

The first company is Reliance Industries. As you know this is one of the biggest companies in India.

1. Reliance Industries

    LTP : 1218.75 

    52W L/H : 875.65 / 1617.55

    5 Years : Up trend 

    P/E : 20.97

    Industry PE : 14.49

    P/B Ratio : 1.91

    Revenue : Up trend

    Profits : Up trend

    Debt : High

There are a few stats. I have listed down on the screen for you to understand, why this is the most recommended one the last trading price of this is around 1200 rupees and 52-week high and low is about 875 to 1600 the five years trend the price of the stock has five years uptrend the p/e ratio is around twenty-one industry p/e is around fourteen. The price-book ratio is around one point nine one which is quite less and the revenue and profits, both have been consistently increasing over a period of time the debt is high that’s the only weak point but overall. If you see that this is the moment of the most recommended ones as it is the biggest company in India and it is available at a very good valuation right now during the lockdown. 

2. HDFC Bank

    LTP : 952.05

    52W L/H : 738.75/ 1305.50

    5 Years : Up trend 

    P/E : 20.21

    Industry PE : 25.45

    P/B Ratio : 3.40

    Revenue : Up trend

    Profits : Up trend

    Debt : High

The second company which I recommend is HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank is now selling at around 9:25 the 52-week high and low of this is 738 – about one three zero five years. The share price has been consistently increasing the p/e ratio of this script is around 20 industry p/e is around 25, which is a good sign the price-book ratio is around 3.4, which is quite reasonable again revenue and profits, both are in up and since, this is a finance banking company obviously debt would be high. So, this is the second script which you can invest in for this log down period. 

3. ITC

  LTP : 185.25

  52W L/H : 134.60/ 310

  5 Years : consistent

  P/E : 15.36

  Industry PE : 17.59

  P/B Ratio : 4.06

  Revenue : Consistent

  Profit : Up trend

  Debt : Negligible

the third company which we can invest in this ITC ITC is into various types of industries and there are a lot of products which this company sells in popular brands and it is currently selling at around money defines the 52-week high and low is around 134 to 310 which shows the great chance of increase in profits five years. It has been consistently maintaining its price or it is slightly up in trend p/e ratio is around 15 industry is around 70 price-book ratio is around 4 which is again acceptable revenue has consistently maintained profits are in an uptrend over the several few years and debt is very less and this is again a strong signal as debt is very less in ITC.

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