Top 2 Benefits of Investing in Stock Market

Liquidity on sale: The first benefit is Liquidity on sale. Whenever you want your money back within the trading arts of 9:00 to 3:30 you can sell your stocks and you can get the money back within a day or two days. The money will be credited to your bank account and you can use the money for your purpose in other forms of investment either are, there is a long process to get your money back or sometimes like in real estate it will you have to first give an advertisement and only when there is a buyer then only you can sell your investment and get your money back but, in stock market it is very quick.

Higher Returns: The second benefit is higher returns. when compared to the other investments like, fixed deposits BPF or gold investments stock market can give you much more returns it depends on how wisely you choose the companies you are investing in but over a period of time it is proven many times that stock market is going to give you higher returns when compared to other investments.

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