Well, basics of any learning are very important. It could be studies, research, or stock market it’s no different. if you get your basics cleared climbing heights is not an issue then. but what exactly basics means. Basic means nothing but starting point of the thing we are expecting to expertise in. like 1+1=2 is the basic of maths. Mathematics is totally depend on these basics only. so basic has to be clear without any doubt.

Same here in share market we need to start from scratch. like what is share market, how it works. What are the exchanges, whets role of sebi and many more. if you get this things cleared you can easily get going for technical analysis without doubt. in EMS SHARE MARKET INSTITUTE we have designed course in such manner that starting from basics you will be directed to advance level very easily. EMS have distinguished course in 3 parts out of which first is fundamental analysis 2nd is technical analysis and 3rd is practical.

Now starting with fundamental analysis, you will get to know basics of stock market like what is share market, what are the authority boards regulating markets, benefits of stock markets, why to invest in share market from here you will be redirected to fundamental analysis. How to use fundamental to select shares. next is technical analysis ,in basics of technical analysis you will come to know bout what’s technical analysis, what is chart how to read charts, various platforms ,time frames and many more technical analysis related topics.

Which are basic yet much important. and last in practical’s is all about how to place orders, stop loss how to appropriately use an broker interface. So all this basics will be cleared to you. and I would like to add that once you get your basics cleared EMS SHARE MARKET INSTITUTE PUNE will easily explain you about advance studies in fundamental and technical analysis. So don’t wait get your basics clear with EMS SHARE MARKET INSTITUTE, PUNE. for more details do contact us at:

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